Not Found

The requested URL /nowhere/ was not found on this server.

I can’t remember what I searched for or where I clicked to end up here.

I was just wandering around on my computer before...

I can’t remember.

Just looking at a few things and nothing more, you know, killing the time. I can never anticipate where a link will lead me, but I certainly didn’t think I could get stuck in here. And I don’t know how I could possibly erase the way I got into this white space:

-the-  reason,
-the-  way.

I can only feel my hands. If I found the back key, a search bar, or a hidden link... I would get out.

When I try to remember, my memory turns into a dream. I can’t find my way around this server to which I ask for non-existent resources, where every attempt is an error, until I find myself back in this place. It’s like standing on the shoring of a colourless construction site, reticulated in every angular junction of its structure.

I’m telling you: I don’t know how long I can hang in the balance, trying to find my way back.

I’m trying to make out some signs on the few short strings holding up the tangled body of the web around me: they say nothing.
I hope they will soon be able to tell me my name.

There's nothing left to do but to set off and leave you a few clues along the way.

{ if you ever get lost in this place. }